Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Kindycare Graduation: Muhammad and Iman's farewell

Last Saturday, the kids' school held their final year performance, including the convocation for the kindergarten class graduation into Year 1.  Both our kids joined the dancing performances for their classes, and Iman also graduated to Year 1.  Enjoy the pics below, and as usual for more pics, please visit my facebook album.

Iman with her scroll.... umm, frame.

Aaeeshah can make friends easily. I hope there won't be a problem when she starts her kindergarten next year.

Iman part of the kindergarten classes welcoming song

Muhammad dancing with his best friend, and on the right as a sailor on Nakhoda Manis' ship. Nakhoda Manis is a local legend, in the same line as Malin Kundang in Indonesia and Si Tanggang of Malaysia.

Here Muhammad is doing the shuffle dance with his crew

As the school doesn't have any male teachers, they had invited me (Deputy Chairman of Parent Teacher Association) to accompany the special guests to give away the prizes.... the special guest is on the right, now I think I must be overdressed for the occasion!

This boy is brilliant. He can speak fluent English and not afraid to stand in front of the big crowd. And he's got a twin and throughout the two years in kindergarten he and the brother shared the top two spots in the class.

Al the students and the kids and their teachers sang the final song, Heal the World.


*ayu the sun* said...

i love watching kids concerts / performances..
so cute & adorable!

anyways, congratulations iman!

Gembo said...

Mrs G:

Thanks! There were a few performances that were hillarious (but embarassing for the teachers ;p).

Even so, kudos to the teachers for their patience & dedication.

Shopaholic Mama said...

Miss those days when I watched D's Conga dance performance - the outfit, the hairdo & even the make-up! Pure fun & cute!