Friday, 30 November 2007

BSRC Photograph - relaunched

Wednesday, 28/11/07 is another milestone in BSRC photography section. It has been quiet.... a total silent.... for nearly 2 years. Being a photography enthusiast, BSP Asset Director asked for the section to be revived and our dear friend Kantalensa was appointed to be the section's captain.

Fellow bloggers were also appointed as committees i.e. Meo, Cuboi, DD & BB - Guys, have I missed out anyone?

Anyway, the plan is to have monthly outings including one to Temburong, plus photography talks. I've been into DSLR for 16 months now but have not got a chance to attend one. The recent Panaga Club arranged talk happens to come in the wrong time for me.... well, I am looking forward to BSRC Photog section to arrange one... right guys? Enjoy the pics here

it is a bit dark, but i like the background pics... 
Our section captain Kanta with his photo, during his opening remarks.

A journey starts with a small step. Less than 20 turned up. We know from the start that we have a lot to prove, and InsyaAllah the number will grow with the committees and members commitments.

Treasurer...BB... can I have a 5D?

Meos.... Activity committee

Company Pro... enough said!

Randomclicker and a future blogger??

Members in attendance... in the front is cuboi & Aku

Aku... not me hehe ( & cuboi

Monday, 19 November 2007

Sunday, 18 November 2007


On Friday night I attended the BSP CLP graduation dinners.... it was AWESOME... we have sheikhs, camel, a birthday, good food, and lots of nice pics + some tears...

My wife was among the 20+ Shell employees selected for the Core Leadership Program & spouses were invited. When my wife told me that, I was honoured and agreed immediately. The facilitator was from the US and she'd love to see the participants in their national dress, so my wife & I came in our black Baju Melayu & Kurung.

Enjoy the pics below but for more pics, please go to my other blog: gembo@multiply.

skit no 1: sheikhs & camel

skit no 1; sheikh Bert's birthday

New York... New York lalalala

skit no 2: shopping!

skit no 3: sheikh ordering Ambuyat

sheikh cuboi running away with the camel :-)

Friday, 16 November 2007

Muhammad's reward for fasting 16 days

This photo is long overdue. My son, Muhammad Abdurrahman fasted for 16 days during Ramadan was rewarded by his auntie, my sister in law, with not one but TWO hot wheel toys. He loves it so much that he took it everywhere for the Hari Raya for over a week.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Helicopter take off

      The glorious new S92 in the hangar prior to be towed out for afternoon flight.

Recently I teamed up with colleagues from the Group Risks & Insurance to review our Aviation Operations risks. We were given the honour to climb quite a number of steps up to the control tower, and it was well worth the steps... we stayed to watch a helicopter lands, refuel and takes-off again, and to see how the controller handles it. Not an easy job and he has to be on the watch.... good that they have buddies up there.

Do you know that it reduces the take-off & landing risks if the chopper takes-off and lands like an airplane i.e. taking an inclination (did i say it right) compared to vertical take-off & landing? well, i just knew about it. well, check out the pics below.

Chopper towed out from its hangar

The controller on duty is a buddy from A-levels. He's been with BSP for 14 years!

      View in the tower

      A chopper lands.....

      ..... and takes off again.