Sunday, 18 November 2007


On Friday night I attended the BSP CLP graduation dinners.... it was AWESOME... we have sheikhs, camel, a birthday, good food, and lots of nice pics + some tears...

My wife was among the 20+ Shell employees selected for the Core Leadership Program & spouses were invited. When my wife told me that, I was honoured and agreed immediately. The facilitator was from the US and she'd love to see the participants in their national dress, so my wife & I came in our black Baju Melayu & Kurung.

Enjoy the pics below but for more pics, please go to my other blog: gembo@multiply.

skit no 1: sheikhs & camel

skit no 1; sheikh Bert's birthday

New York... New York lalalala

skit no 2: shopping!

skit no 3: sheikh ordering Ambuyat

sheikh cuboi running away with the camel :-)

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