Friday, 30 November 2007

BSRC Photograph - relaunched

Wednesday, 28/11/07 is another milestone in BSRC photography section. It has been quiet.... a total silent.... for nearly 2 years. Being a photography enthusiast, BSP Asset Director asked for the section to be revived and our dear friend Kantalensa was appointed to be the section's captain.

Fellow bloggers were also appointed as committees i.e. Meo, Cuboi, DD & BB - Guys, have I missed out anyone?

Anyway, the plan is to have monthly outings including one to Temburong, plus photography talks. I've been into DSLR for 16 months now but have not got a chance to attend one. The recent Panaga Club arranged talk happens to come in the wrong time for me.... well, I am looking forward to BSRC Photog section to arrange one... right guys? Enjoy the pics here

it is a bit dark, but i like the background pics... 
Our section captain Kanta with his photo, during his opening remarks.

A journey starts with a small step. Less than 20 turned up. We know from the start that we have a lot to prove, and InsyaAllah the number will grow with the committees and members commitments.

Treasurer...BB... can I have a 5D?

Meos.... Activity committee

Company Pro... enough said!

Randomclicker and a future blogger??

Members in attendance... in the front is cuboi & Aku

Aku... not me hehe ( & cuboi


azryamin said...

relaunched dah panya i tot today hehe.. miss tah ku

KantaLensa said...

bro gembo, thanks for the write up. patut tah meo sakit meliat macro ku atu, lawa rupanya hahaha.

bro azryamin, no wonder u did not turn up yesterday coz I thoguht u had confirmed that u will attend.

SyazliE'S50 said...

Sapa kan c BB tu? Apa qualification nya jadi treasurer tu kan? Btw.. im not sure whether im coming tomorrow... need a rest..actually need a massage...

Kalau rasa sihat.. i'll drop by...

KantaLensa said...

s50, don't push yourself too hard. bawa berihat.

Gembo said...

BB? napa? kumpa broifen heheh