Monday, 26 December 2011

Meet my friend ERIC. ERIC PD.


Last night we returned home from a short holiday in the capital, a 100 km drive home.  In torrential rain.  I knew the tyres are in good condition as I've checked them before the trip.  Brakepads are still ok from recent servicing checks and the dashboard control lights indicate everything are ok.  Despite all that I drove at only 60km/h in the 100km/h zone.  With precious cargoes on board - 4 loved ones, I would do anything to ensure their safety.

Apart from my ever so faithful co-pilot Mrs G who kept me company with iPad playing songs from when we started going out 14 years ago, I was also guided by a friend, ERIC PD.  ERIC tells me how to control the hazards of the trip.

OK, ERIC PD is not a real person, but a lego-man and in the Health and Safety world is oft used term to spell out the hierarchy of controls to control risks of any activity.

How often have we seen or heard in the news or even on facebook after a major accident, that  people would ask the authorities to tighten the rules, which is actually way down the order to control risks.  Let me share with you what ERIC PD means:

E mean Eliminate. Get rid of the hazard, or replace with something less hazardous.  Eliminating the trip is a no-no, so I moved on to the next level.

R means Reduce: Reduce the nature of the hazard or the exposure to the hazard.  In our case, we drove from home to hotel - point A to point B, no detour.  I also made sure everyone wore their seat belts.  When we reached the hotel, we walk around the area rather than driving around.

I means Isolate.  Isolate the hazard from the people.  In industries, if a machine is too noisy, then we isolate them i.e. put it at a distance to the point that it is doesn't cause noise hazards to the workers.

C means Control.  Control who has access to the hazard.  Limit the exposure time as only necessary.  Ensure all the controls/procedures are in place.

P means Protection.  Always assume that what could go wrong would go wrong, and always wear personal protective equipment.  The standard fare where I work, the standard protection are fire retardant coveralls, safety boots, helmets, goggles and to some extent, gloves.

D means Discipline.  All controls are monitored, reviewed and enforced.  Any breach of the controls will be dealt with accordingly.

Alhamdulillah we reached home in 1 hr 40 mins, against the usual 1 hr 10 mins.  Half an hour late, but we arrived safely.  Thanks to my wife and also ERIC.  Alhamdulillah.

During the drive home we were overtaken by cars we reckon were doing c. 120-130km/h.  The highway was like a river yet the mindless drivers drive like they were boats!  At the highway near our destination, we saw two tow trucks with a police car in chase - today I heard there were 7 injuries in an accident related to that, with a person suffering broken leg.  Let's hope everyone recovers well.  And share their ordeal on what caused the accident and tell others how to prevent it from happening.

Let's see how you can apply ERIC PD to your day to day activity.  In the kitchen.  In your garden.  In the bedroom :D

Always think safety.

Take care & till then, Wassalam.

Tuesday, 20 December 2011



Alhamdulillah.  I am back.  I have been trying to be back for a while now.  Over tea this afternoon my dear wife made a profound comment: she missed reading my blog.  I did not realize that.  A few of my blogger friends have stopped blogging, and so I thought that is how the blog universe works.  Your blog dies silently.

You see, my wife love reading blogs, of shoppings, holidays, life, cookings... you name it.  She reads the blogs linked on the right hand column.  Every day.  She will share with me the very interesting ones and the one yesterday evening prompted me to dust off this blog.

The blog was of Pak Mat, at and his blog entry of death was very sad indeed.  Pak Mat is a retiree, in his mid 60's and had just returned from Haj pilgrimage.  One of his four roommates during Haj died whilst in the Holy land, and his narration of what they faced brought tears to my eyes.  Pak Mat's blog was so well written that it does not reflect a middle age person where English is not his or her mother tongue.

Anyway, it is two days short of 5 months hiatus for me.  There are lots of potential blog entries missed, such as:
  • my wife's birthday at the end of July
  • all my three children completed their Ramadhan fast without missing a single day!
  • our 4th Hari Raya Aidil Fitri in our crib
  • our 11th wedding anniversary (I love you Sayang) and the subsequent celebratory trip to Melbourne
  • Iman's 8th birthday (when my wife and I was on our last day in Melbourne
  • exam blues for all my three children and Muhammad finished 6th in Year 5, Iman 1st in Year 2 and Aaeeshah 2nd in KG3.  
  • Aaeeshah's Kindergarten graduation ceremony (and buying her gift even before we reach home!)
  • I was honored to be with a man blinded through an industrial accident 21 years ago, and travelled around the world to talk about safety - how he had disappointed his family and friends
  • My wife and I travelled to Bandung with a couple of bloggers
  • Local holiday in December - 2 days leave left, what to do (and of course $$ :|)
  • 2012!
It took me a good 1 hour to write this up whilst watching the 8 o'clock news.  I hope it'll be more frequent.

I needed this.  This is what I do for my day job, well sort of: communicate on Safety. 

Till next time, InsyaAllah.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I did.

Salaam, Gembo