Saturday, 14 February 2009

Teach Someone You Love to Blog

Gembo has been tagged by Online buddy Ciliqueen... "To teach someone you love to blog"... to be honest, the One that I love prefers to lay down low and only co-blogs on my two blogs (she even co-facebook on my FB :P)..... Anyway, now that I was tagged by Sis CQ, I will tag other online buddies to do the same ... just follow these instructions!

Step 1: You're never alone with a blog. Tell your readers why you love them, and why they should love you.

Mmm, this is difficult... When I started blogging, the intention was to share with close friends and families about us and our kids growing up.... well, I suppose they are my readers and in that case, I love them as I know that by them regularly visiting my blogs show their concern and affection. I also blog to share with my photography circles about the photo activities and not so great shots, and i love them for the comments and constructive criticism (I love them more for keeping it private heheh).

Why you should love me? ... Again, this is difficult. It's a free world. If any of my posting makes your day (for any reason, like this post which brings tears whenever I watch it) then I leave it to you to decide whether you love me or the postings... but I think, you should love me for that heheh.

Step 2: Teach someone you love to blog (or micro-blog!).

I hope I introduced my sis to blogging, indirectly as she frequent both my blogs. I think her blog now is merrier to my bland layout (OB-Nadh - need your help here!!!)

Step 3: Link to their first blog post, and encourage readers to visit them.

This was my sis first post. Give her a visit and say hi.

Step 4: Tag your blogging friends to take part in this activity.

Ahhhh, this should be fun.... To my readers and blog-hoppers, do give these blogs a visit, very interesting diversity of experiences, from the love of science, to shopping, to daily life.

Tepak Sireh         Kantalensa

Moralle               Amir Uberdreams

Happy Weekend All & Be Safe. Salam.

Thursday, 5 February 2009

Another Wet Day.... What's new

Another wet day and night... This radar shot, correct as of 7.21 pm this evening showed the rainfall in Brunei and its surroundings... 

What does it say? Well, yellow means 10-20mm rain per hour and green means 2 - 5 mm of rain per hour.... 

What does it mean? Well, very very wet evening and expect some places to be flooded.

Drive save all.

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Slow Sync Flash. I know its been a while.

Been a LOOOONNGGGG while since I updated. Busy work-wise, health-wise, family-wise. But at times, manage to dust off my camera and during last weekend dinner out, tried my hands on slow sync flash.

Manual settings at ISO100, F13, 3.2" exposure and body-flash.