Saturday, 14 February 2009

Teach Someone You Love to Blog

Gembo has been tagged by Online buddy Ciliqueen... "To teach someone you love to blog"... to be honest, the One that I love prefers to lay down low and only co-blogs on my two blogs (she even co-facebook on my FB :P)..... Anyway, now that I was tagged by Sis CQ, I will tag other online buddies to do the same ... just follow these instructions!

Step 1: You're never alone with a blog. Tell your readers why you love them, and why they should love you.

Mmm, this is difficult... When I started blogging, the intention was to share with close friends and families about us and our kids growing up.... well, I suppose they are my readers and in that case, I love them as I know that by them regularly visiting my blogs show their concern and affection. I also blog to share with my photography circles about the photo activities and not so great shots, and i love them for the comments and constructive criticism (I love them more for keeping it private heheh).

Why you should love me? ... Again, this is difficult. It's a free world. If any of my posting makes your day (for any reason, like this post which brings tears whenever I watch it) then I leave it to you to decide whether you love me or the postings... but I think, you should love me for that heheh.

Step 2: Teach someone you love to blog (or micro-blog!).

I hope I introduced my sis to blogging, indirectly as she frequent both my blogs. I think her blog now is merrier to my bland layout (OB-Nadh - need your help here!!!)

Step 3: Link to their first blog post, and encourage readers to visit them.

This was my sis first post. Give her a visit and say hi.

Step 4: Tag your blogging friends to take part in this activity.

Ahhhh, this should be fun.... To my readers and blog-hoppers, do give these blogs a visit, very interesting diversity of experiences, from the love of science, to shopping, to daily life.

Tepak Sireh         Kantalensa

Moralle               Amir Uberdreams

Happy Weekend All & Be Safe. Salam.


Shopaholic Mama said...

Aiyoh kena tag? Hutang dulu ye!

Anyway, I already 'instruct' Nadh to think of a nice template for you as requested!

Ps. Kitorang tak dapat budak kompang or budak sekolah kibar bendera so we have to make do with mak-mak budak & anak dara je!

Otak Belacan said...


Yaaa. Saya dengarrr seruan andaaaa. Kekeke.

Boleh, nanti kita roger-roger. No hal punyaaaa.

Baik. Nak buat tag ni skrang. Ngee.

Moralle said...

Thank u for tagging me, aduhhhhh banyak lagi tag yg tak berbuat, hai mama moralle tak leh harap ah....but I'll do it for sure k :)