Saturday, 14 March 2009


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After 6 days in RIPAS ICU, 3 days in RIPAS Ward 20 and a week at KB hospital, I was finally discharged on Wednesday.

Thanks to my friends, relatives and colleagues for their prayers and well wishes. It really touched me when I learned that the BSP Surau as well as many mosques organised Solat Hajat for my recovery, including mass-reading of the Surah Yassin by the Institute Tahfiz.

What really happened? 

Well, I got a fever on 23/Feb Monday afternoon (38+ deg C) and brought to the local hospital where I was observed for 2 hours. After everything cleared, I was released.  

On Tuesday morning, I remembered asking my wife to bring me to the hospital again as I was shivering badly. Next thing I know, I woke up in RIPAS ICU on Saturday. 

What I DIDN'T know was the roller coaster in between. Apparently that Tuesday my temperature went up to 41 deg C, BP 40/30 and heart rate 169! To make matters worst, they couldn't determine what was causing my condition and had to transfer me to RIPAS ICU (100+ km away or 1.5 hrs drive), where they have the CT SCAN machine and more specialists. I learned lots of relatives who visited me at ICU left the room crying as they thought I couldn't make it... It was THAT serious.

Anyway, I arrived at RIPAS ICU by 6.30pm that same afternoon, and CT SCAN was done immediately which dismissed Meningitis. They continued throughout the evening with blood culture, spinal tap and whole lot more tests. By the 2nd day, my BP and temp stabilised and by the 3rd day I could breath on my on. By the 5th day they slowly removed me from sedation and by the 6th day I was discharged from ICU to the normal ward.

They still couldn't determine then what caused it but the medications actually improved my conditions.  By the time I was discharged in KB hospital on Wednesday, they believed the cause is likely to be Viral Encephalitis (Virus Infection to the brain). Whatever it is, I am grateful to Allah for the recovery, and able to see my wife and the kids again.

My beloved wife (Mrs G) has been my rock during the whole episode being with me throughout: Sleeping on the floor at the ICU waiting room & being my personal nurse at the general wards, cleaning me up, feeding me, read to me, often waking up in the middle of the night to give my drinks and medications, with all her love and care. That loving care really helped with my recovery. Did I also mention that she had to make that critical decision to transfer me to RIPAS hospital on the first day? It was a big decision to make and I am really grateful that she did that, otherwise...

My little sister also took a week of compassionate leave to accompany my wife at ICU, and helped out with lots of stuffs (especially carrying stuffs heheh). She's continued to visit me at home whenever she can to help out. I love you Leeja.

As of now, I have lost 6 kgs and I know that is muscle loss, not fat, as I can feel my legs are smaller and tired. Only my liver test readings are pending now, as it was still higher that normal when I was discharged. I will have a review this Monday and I hope everything will be settled. All I need to do now is continue my own physiotherapy, walking around the house to build up those leg muscles again.

Again, thanks to all for the prayers and best wishes.

Pg Hj Azmi @ Gembo


KantaLensa said...

Alhamdulillah Bro, really glad to see you recover that fast. Take care and don't come back to work until you're ready.

Moralle said...

salam Mr G, alhamdulillah you have recover, take care n rest well ya......hi hi to Mrs G yg had been a great wifey, both of u take care frm singapore ....

the kecik said...

just take ur time to relax and recover okay? Allah know that u need a little rest.. take care!

Blushwax said...

Glad to hear you're ok now Mr G. Get lots of rest and take care yeah.

Spidey said...

alhamdulillah bos..glad to hear you back in action.. will stop by at ur house soon.. as for the leg physio thing.. i know what u mean.. hehe u shud see my both my leg afters 3 mths inda begarak..hehe insyallah u will do well bos..

Gembo said...

Thanks for your kind words and wishes.

Kanta, will do. May need to have 2nd opinion from JPMC - kan jumpa Peter Tay soon.

Sis Moralle, Raf - InsyaAllah we meet again, and hope I don't have to encounter the same when i return to Brunei.

Spidey - I can imagine in ur case hahah. If u drop by, takan saja bell - pagar always closed cos I have small kids.

Gembo @ Mr G

Shopaholic Mama said...

Glad to hear you are getting better Mr G! Alhamdullilah.

And Mrs G, you are really a super wife & a strong lady! Wish we could be there for you physically but all we can offer you is our prayers & doa's.

I am happy to have met both of you & hope that this sad incident will not deter both of you to come back here again!

Zul.Emran said...

Yes Brother, your wife is really superb. I think she was calm & more composed than I was when you arrived at the ICU. But again, I am really relieved that you have recovered fully. Alhamdulillah..Thank you Allah..

Gembo said...

Kak Ann - Thanks for the kind words and prayers. InsyaAllah we will meet again, that's for certain.

Zul - Thanks bro and for being there. Wasn't able to see or hear then but was told she made sure the doctors prepare enough oxygen tanks for the trip to RIPAS in case Liang landslide happens again. Alhamdulillah.

Otak Belacan said...

Yayness! You're backkkkkk!!

Take care take care! =)

Princess Nashwa said...

Really touched to read this post. Glad that you are slowly recovering. For whatever circumstances, you know your wife and kids are there for you through thick and thin. So Im sure that's your willpower to survive. So take care and rest at home stress- free... hehe Insya-Allah you'll fully recover in no time.

Gembo said...

Yeah, I am back, Alhamdulillah. I have looked at 2010 calendar, hehhe hoping we can get together during our National Day break again... no promises though.
u take care too ok!

Thanks. heheh stress-free tapi kalau jumpa u, stress-ful hahahh, just kidding. u take care & salam 2 ur hubby (more chance of me seeing him later though cos I'll be seeing HML Peter tay).

Gembo @ Mr G

Reedz said...

Alhamdulillah bro. Good to know u're on the road to recovery. Not many people get second chances at life, so treasure it. And treasure your "rock" cos she is one super woman.

Gembo said...

Bro Reedz
Thanks. Alhamdulillah, will do bro - one strong rock she is - I am really blessed.