Monday, 23 March 2009

ICU pics

I got the following pictures from my sis, during my days in ICU KB and RIPAS.

Day 1 - 2pm at KB ICU. 6 hours into my coma.

Day 5 - 7pm at RIPAS ICU. Few hours after coming out of coma.


Otak Belacan said...

Tuan G.

Saya adalah trauma dengan wire-wire dan tube-tube berjela-jela seperti itu.

Saya akan nangis.


Shopaholic Mama said...

Mr G, me too like Nadh, seram kalau tgk wire tiub like this, teringat my Father!

So now, are you feeling better?

Gembo said...

I know how you feel. Be strong. Having taken care of my late mom n both grandparents at ICU, I never thought I'd have this experience at this young age.

Ka Ann
I didnt realise it was that serious until I saw the pic. The first pic I was lying on a special mattress to bring down my body temp. My body temp was down alright, but my head temp was still around 40+ deg. Sekarang Alhamdulillah, still on sick leave until end of this week.

Moralle said...

Mr G, looking at those pics I tak dapat bayangkan perasaan Mrs G di saat critical itew......alhamdulillah u hv recovered bro......take care n salam to Mrs G....

Gembo said...

Sis Moralle, thanks for those words. I have asked around - my sis, my bro, my inlaws, condition dalam ICU on first day was so sedih....

I have so far met 2 doctors (different hospitals), who said I had been given a second life.... that describes how 'sedih' the situation was on day 1.

thanks, nanti I sampaikan salam.