Thursday, 17 January 2008

BLNG Jetty

I was here today... i mean went on board the BLNG Jetty. It was quite an experience - 25 minutes train ride (YES, train ride!) followed with a tour of the loading jetty and impressive view of the B-Class tankers being loaded with liquefied natural gas to be delivered to the customers in Japan. 

During the return journey, which surprisingly took just over 10 minutes, we came across a beautiful eagle resting on the track. That species of eagle was also used by BLNG in its website.

Izzan 'Aaeeshah's 2nd birthday

Our youngest daughter, Dayangku Izzan 'Aaeeshah had just turned 2 on Friday 11 Jan 08, and we celebrated her birthday a day later, when the uncles and aunties came down from Bandar for the weekend break.

She got her Mickey Mouse cake (from Mums) and 'aMama & aBaba' got her puzzle cubes, she's also got a tricycle, barney, teddy bear, and a toy piano. 

Enjoy the pics.

Izzan loves Mickey's 'Hot Dog - Hot Dog' song so we got her this cake

Babah reads her 'Doa Selamat'. May Allah bless my little 'Aaeeshah, with health and happiness, and with the wisdom of her mom.

Gembo getting the hug from Gembo Jr @ spidey

Aaeeshah struggling to open her presents with Abam and Pinses

I love you, you love me, we're one happy family with a great big hug and a kiss from me to you, wont you say you loooooove meeeeeee tooooooo

Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Gembo Kids - Streetshots

Following our visit to the Royal Brunei Navy Roadshow, Mrs Gembo decide to hold on to my 'baby' and for me to take care of our babies. She kinda love street shots, especially candids and I love these shots of me & gembokids, taken in the KB shops alleys.

The youngest gembokid, my gembobaby

The first gembokid, and the only gemboboy

my second gembokid... the lovely gemboprincess. 
she loves to pose, to sing, etc and she looooooves PINK

Me, gembo with gembobaby

DRM End of Year Gathering 2007

DRMers.... my apologies, I didn't remember taking many shots that day but when I check the downloaded photos, apparently somebody took some shots.

DRM hardman... serial swearer heheh

Mrs Randomclicker & Sis

Cuboi... really trying to convince me to buy 10 dozens of his upcoming comic heheh

Mr Randomclicker.... I hope this gathering will not end up in his future blast in the past heheheh

Fellow Canonian... Papz

Gaffa delivering the 2007 closing speech. Such a hardworker,
the only guy who sweats during the cold rainy day

Javier... DRM import from Latin America

D'Tripod... getting the Canon bug?

Proof that it wasn't me taking the shots :-)

Wednesday, 2 January 2008