Friday, 24 April 2009

MRI & Blood Test

MRI & Blood test result were out: MRI was clear, nothing jumps out from the images and the liver function test has improved, although still higher than the normal.

Next Monday will be the appointment with my neurologist - lets hope all is ok. I am still a bit tired towards the later part of the day, and doctors I have seen kept on reminding that I need to regain my stamina - I actually did, walked laps around the compound of our house for the past couple of weeks, but lately couldn't do much as the hazy weather is back - believe the extreme temperature is to blame:

This was taken after the Friday prayer today. Average temperature was usually around 32 - 34 deg C, but today, it showed a whopping 38.5 deg C.  That's HOT!

Monday, 6 April 2009


I've met one neurologist and two doctors since my episode and the very mention of encephalitis made them give me this smile and said I was lucky.

Maybe I am, but I am grateful to Allah for 'extending' my life, and for the prayers/wishes by my families and friends/colleagues of different faiths. 

To date, I have done MRI (results not out yet) but there is nothing else that the doctor could recommend, as they say it would be intrusive to my system. My main worry is recurrence of the encephalitis, but I was quite relieved having read the following:

A common concern following encephalitis is an apparent return of symptoms. Recurrence of encephalitis is extremely rare and the most likely cause is an overload of repaired neural networks. These repaired networks may work fine under optimal conditions but under stress they can fail. “Stress” may be physical stress such as tiredness or too much physical exertion; emotional stress such as a row within the family or moving house; or it can be as a result of fighting an infection. If stress is unavoidable consider some of the complementary therapies or a change of lifestyle. - taken from:

As it stated, I need to ensure that I do not expose myself to stress - something I have been managing well so far (except for screaming kids and throat infection last week). So far so good. Alhamdulillah. 

Till my next update with the MRI result, take care and be happy and safe.

Gembo @ Azmi