Sunday, 4 July 2010

A change....

Life is full of surprises...

I woke up early this morning, as my little Gaga (Dk Izzan Aaeeshah Lady Gaga Taylor Swift Kelly Clarkson Sponge Bob heheh) woke me up cos she don't want to wake up alone. So there I was awake but she just suddenly went straight to sleep. Mmmmph, you little Gaga you!

Well, at least I get to do my Subuh prayers. Following that I saw an FB message on my iPad iPhone from a friend asking for pics from a recent hop across the pond, and decided ... yeah, why don't I start blogging about the overdue posts - since I am on leave now,

Surprise surprise, somehow now have a very easy hands-on blog template update, which I thought why not - lets see if I can get a nice template to replace the somewhat gloomy background. My previous blog template was changed in July last year, and it had a black background - reflecting back 2009 was quite a challenging year particularly in the first half, personally and professionally, but all that is past now. We learn from the past. And always be positive (we can try).

Anyway, yes, I thought why not and changed to a fresh yellow theme. I liked it. I hope it is pleasant to your eyes too.

Change is good. For the better.

Salam, G.

My surprise birthday...

Before you begin to wish me, this is actually 8 weeks ago, 6th May to be precised... like I said earlier I have LOTS of overdue posts hehehe... Well, I'll just make it short but would like to thank my only sister Leeja for the surprise, she couldn't decide between Japanese and Kebab, so she bought both and along with that a very nicely decorated cake

I am actually on leave for 2 weeks now, going back to the place which actually started a series of memorable and life changing events.  With what time I have available, I will try to catch up on the Overdue posts

Cards from Gembo Juniors

Thanks Leeja for the cake!

Sushi and London Kebab (Doner... yummy!!)

Thanksgiving Du'a for Allah's blessing

Wonder if they are excited to celebrate daddy's birthday
or to get to enjoy the cake :-)

Till next post...

Friday, 2 July 2010


Apparently I have a few followers who are keen to see the blog updates i.e. officemates, families and friends from across the pond.

There have been many occasions that deserved to be blogged about but it is always the case of burnt out following the hectic day job - even the weekends or a week holiday to Singapore couldn't cure it.

My work involved strict datelines, and the dateline has been met yesterday, Alhamdulillah.  For all the hard work, it was good to receive congratulatory comments from your boss's boss "excellent piece of work, Pengiran" in true dutch accent, and as I saw my past 6 months - it was my best half year so far.  There are certain quarters however that only looked at the negatives (and for some reason blind to the good achievements) and despite all my efforts to ignore their comments, I let my guard down this time and listened - it really hurt my morale. As I said I work with strict datelines, and despite the work involve steer/decisions from others, I am the one who got the bad name when we close in the deal so close to dateline.

Anyway, that's me venting....

My post was originally to tell my somewhat, loyal followers, that I have a few main posts overdue:

- Muhammad's birthday
- Our trip to Singapore
   - Visit to a friend's family home (with a sleeping ogre hehe)
   - Singapore Zoo trip
   - Universal Studio Trip
   - Dinner with the Voguers at our favourite spot Chai Chee
   - Measuring the Orchard Road
- A new addition, my new baby....... a Tamron lens (heheh, what were you thinking?)

The photos for the above are still fresh from the memory card, and I guess the next few weeks you will be able to see the pics and the post.

Salam All

ps. It could end up with Argentina/Brazil finals... we'll start tonight!