Sunday, 26 July 2009

Al-Fatihah for the late Yasmin Ahmad Storyteller

Gubra and Sepet are 2 of the great modern time Malay movies that I've ever watched. They were directed by Yasmin Ahmad, self styled storyteller. I was surprised, saddened in fact to hear of her sudden illness and passing last night.

I chanced upon Yasmin Ahmad's blog, and saw this short ad which she produced under commission by the Singapore government. I love this ad, brought tears to my eyes. I watched it during the time I spent recovering, to the point I imagined my dear wife talking about me and my... well, 'car trouble starting' and 'strong rear wind'. I sensed something about that ad, but couldn't put a finger to it... until tonight. It was her magic touch.

My sincere condolence to her family. May Allah bless her soul. Amin.

Tuesday, 21 July 2009

KB Worldwide Photowalk - Gembo's view

I am possibly the last member to update their blog with the KB Photowalk. Held recently in Kuala Belait Town on 18 July, there were 50 of us photo enthusiast, ranging from the teens to the 60's getting together to walk around town, capturing the sights and beauties of the town in which I was born and raised 35 years ago.

I was armed with my Canon 450D DSLR with the 28-135mm lens, which was slightly restrictive as I could not capture the wide angle shops. Well, one for the wish list.

No, I didn't manage to get any shots of the arches, as 1) it would look better at night and 2)the route I took have not arches at all heheh.

Enjoy the shots below. These are my picks, although I have to submit 2 best pics for to be uploaded to the Worldwide Photowalk website. For more pics, go to my facebook album.

I will definitely join the next photowalk, and hopefully to be better armed with wider/faser lens.... not so much on the speed, more on the 'bokeh' - i just love what Anakbrunei's 5DII and lens combination could do.

We started here - Tugu Cendera Kenangan, built in 1996 to commemorate His Majesty's the Sultan 50th birthday

Group Photo grabbed from Anakbrunei. Thanks bro.

A new playground in the making

My lame attempt at macro. Go to Kantalensa for superb macro shots

Panning Shots attempt

The 60's - from right - Haji Othman Paun and Haji Hasan Bakar

Jalan Pretty at 8.15 am.... still deserted

One of the contributors to our nation cleanliness

Oh yes, call her heheh

This is one location for footie enthusiasts to watch their favourite team, they've got big screen put up during the game night. Nice view of the river too (depends on the tide though)

So calm

KB Clock tower and HSBC building.... we walked in the MORNING

Don't believe me? see this!

KB original twin towers... it has been there since I was a kid... maybe 6 years old.

Caught my attention, wonder why

This is Saeed, my favourite tailor for Baju Cara Melayu. Have been with him for nearly 10 years now. He now ventures into ladies garment, and employed two filipinos

Ultraman welcomes you

Dosai anyone?

The KB clocktower and the KB Taxi stand - there is only 3 taxi's I remember parked there at any one time, but got space for 24.... go figure

Another angle, the clock tower and Kuala Belait Bus Terminal

Odd combination?

The top floor food court at the fish market



Kampong Melayu Asli, this is where I spent my first 16 years of my life



Friday, 17 July 2009

Worldwide Photo Walk @ Sat, 18 July

I will be among the 50 local photographers participating in the Worldwide Photowalk tomorrow. It will be 4km+ walk and the objective is to walk, talk and take lots of pictures.

As it happen to be during His Majesty The Sultan's Birthday celebrations, my guess is the beautiful arches will be the main 'targets'. To my non-Bruneian blogger-friends (you know who you are :D), InsyaAllah I will post the pitcures on this blog to share with you all.

I better get some sleep soon, as we have to gather by 6.30am.

Thursday, 9 July 2009

KL - Day 4

Day 4 - I started Friday morning visiting a friend from work (near KLCC). After an hour for a little catch up at Coffee Bean, I moved on to KLCC (and had another latte!) at Starbucks - not so much to have coffee but to get the Wi-Fi. Can you believe it where we stayed, they charge internet use at RM50 per day!

By lunch time, my wife, my sis and I had lunch with our online friend, Redmummy at Santini restaurant (KLCC). I had to leave early though as I had to attend the Friday prayers - see related post here.

Later that afternoon, we fulfilled our promise to the kids to go to KLCC Aquaria. The entrance fee was RM38 for adult and RM26 for children.

The kids enjoyed watching the piranhas, the creepy crawlies from our equatorial forests, the beautiful colourful butterflies and humongous (edible!) frogs, touching the starfishes and tiger sharks. We were also lucky to get the Piranha feeding show - it only took 16 second for a group of piranha to finish a mackerel to the bone! The finale was the 'Journey', where we get to ride on the 90m moving walkway through the huge aquarium, where lots of grouper, sting rays and sharks share the waters with turtles and lots of small fishes in the clear blue water.

Oh, the kids also got their caricatures drawn (Muhammad and Iman). Till my next updates on day 5.

Hungry Piranhas

Need Electricity?

Demonstrating life in the Amazon during rainy season. Tree roots supporting life.

The Journey

Alligator dreaming of becoming Muhammad heheh

Princess Iman

Ben 10 or Ben Muhammad

Muhammad and Leeja braving the beautiful albino python and chameleon

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

KL - Day 3

Day 3 was spent at Jalan Masjid India (late morning, early afternoon) and Pavillion (late afternoon/evening). As we have kids, we decide to take a taxi and they charge us RM25! Well, we have no choice but to accept, otherwise we'd have to walk 20 minutes in the sun. On the upside though, we can squeeze 7 pax in the taxi! DOn't think we can pull that in Singapore though.

Well, enjoy the pics, nothing on Masjid India as I decide to keep free hands in order to bring stuffs (for info: Jalan masjid India is haven for those looking for clothing materials).

PAVILLION - facing Jalan Bukit Bintang

FISH SPA - Kenko
On top of my head, I think it costs RM38 for adult and RM18 for children. Despite paying, Muhammad didn't dare to have his feet pampered by the fishes..... Iman however enjoyed it.

The kids and their aunt pretends to be models for the night

BMW Z4 Launching
As a BMW fan, I was thrilled to know that there was a launching ceremony, however can only enjoy from a distant as only invited guests are allowed to be near the stage. Thank goodness for telephoto!

They also displayed a 325i convertible - I think it cost RM480k (showroom!). It's Iman's personal favourite cos I remembered when I went to BMW showroom in Brunei, she climbed into that same model of car over and over.

We met Toi, the 2008 AF contestant who is very willing to take photo with us and also very pleasant to talk to.