Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Masjid Assyakirin KLCC - My experience

I have yet to post photos of our family trip to KL recently - more about having to share my Macbook with other 4 gembo family members. I have about 1200 pics to be sorted/edited from 3 cameras heheh.

Anyway, this post is about my experience at the Masjid Assyakirin at KLCC for the Friday prayers. It is located at the KLCC park, just 5 minutes walk from Suria KLCC.

Unfortunately, during my visit it was undergoing renovation to increase capacity for more worshippers, and as a result have to pray at the hall outside the main mosque next to a scaffolding. Anyway, what interest me most is the way the sermon was delivered:
  1. It was delivered in English, suitable for the location as about half of worshippers are foreigners (tourist and expats).
  2. The sermon was started with introduction of the issue (during that week was about entertainment not forbidden in Islam, more on that later), explanation of the issues (backed by Surah from Holy AL-Quran and Hadith from Prophet Muhammad, May Peace be upon him) and finished by conclusion - reiteration of the main issues.
The Imam spoke very fluent English, and yet his recital of the Al-Fatihah and surahs during prayers was also very, how shall I say it, very pleasant with his melody and more importantly perfect Tajwid (rules in reciting the Holy AL-Quran).

On the topic of the sermon, basically Islam does not forbid entertainment as long as:
  • it does not contain any elements forbidden to Islam
  • the entertainment does not mix the man and woman, as this is haram or could lead to haram activities
  • the entertainment should be avoided if it could result in more harm than good
Anyway, I long to return to the Masjid Assyakirin again one day, when the renovation is completed.

Muhammad and Iman at the hill surrounding the Masjid Daddy with Aaeeshah at the entrance

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