Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Just got back from family vacation

The Gembo family has just returned from a weeklong holiday, a promise I have made to our kids, especially Muhammad and Iman, to make up for not taking them anywhere in 2007 and 2008, as we're saving for the family home then.

We flew on this from Miri last Tuesday and returned yesterday.... 8 days and 7 nites

We met these people

Atoy - AF contestant

Redmummy - a well known blogger

Families in KL (Mrs G's first cousin)

No prizes for guessing who this is - we met their Excellencies when they were shopping at the Suria KLCC.

And we visited these places
Mosque at KLCC - went there for Friday prayers

Guess where?

Dinotrek @ KLCC

KLCC Aquaria

Z4 launching @ Pavillion

Fish Spa @ Pavillion

Cosmoworld @ Berjaya Times Square

Petrosains @ KLCC


Otak Belacan said...

Bestnyaaaaa dapat jumpaaaaaa prime minister ituuuu!!!

Wife dia muka memang forever "kerek" macam gitu ke? T_T

Gembo said...

Mrs G: Mr G wonders what 'kerek' is... me too.. Nad sila translate k..
Saw ur YM kat Red's berry - wished you were there with us. Bila nak bloggers reunion lagi?..oh perhaps tunggu (oo) flu kurang sket..

Shopaholic Mama said...

hmmm, shall not comment on the PM's wife... berani kau nadh!!!

you certainly puas kat KL - I mean 8days there?? Syokness!

Mrs G - bila ke Surabaya?