Saturday, 31 October 2009

Kids dental class

I took the last Friday afternoon off, to bring all my three children to our Company's Health Centre 'Dental Class'. There were about a dozen children participating, and they showed slides, used models of huge toothbrush and teeth set to teach on how to take good dental care. 

I also learnt a lot, especially how to gently brush my teeth - previously I will wear out the toothbrush within a month, as in my mind, the plaque really needs a good strong brushing to take off... how wrong I was. And I would put the paste all over the bristles, just like they showed on TV....apparently all you need is just a pea-size. Commercials can be misleading, huh!

Anyway, kids enjoyed it and I get first hand impression of how Muhammad is in class, very eager to answer questions from the presenter. One funny one was - what should you look for in a toothpaste?. Muhammad answered - CAP HALAL!  It was hilarious! We taught him well...


The dental staff showing how to scrub brush the teeth

The kids gargled with a special dye, which can show which part of the teeth that were not brushed properly....

The dye will stick to the plaques, which wasn't brushed away properly

Really glad that my kids enjoyed this.


the kecik said...

Parents dental class ada nda? (is it right brunei word? c:)

The dye pic make me want to do scaling asap. haha..

p/s: Can I borrow your 'yellow' ic to get $1 dental treatment? c:

-not the kecik's mommy-

Gembo said...

Mrs G:

Attended the class as well but it was meant for kids. It was organised by our company's Health Centre. I suspect the speaker was someone from the government's Ministry of Health.

The purple dye was easily brushed off but their tongues remained purple for that day - kesian.. but they soon forgot about it.

There's a $1 dental treatment charge? As oppose to how much?

Pinjam ic? Nak jadi the Mr G or the Mrs G? hahahahahahha..or you nak kasi Saufi berbin kan our name?...;p

Btw, how's that adorable little boy?

the kecik said...

nanti makin panjang pula nama budak kecik sorg tu. lenguh nak mengisi.

expart almost 50 or more than that. as working for the private. if keja gomen even expart kena byr 5dollar je.

the kecik ok. better than before. went for mandi pantai, and having sensitive skins (incl the dad) 2-2 kena gatal-gatal kulit. kesian pun ada tgk. merah je badan budak kecik sorg tu. now under medicine. tgk dulu one week, if getting worse or tak baik-baik juga, kena mengadap doc la

kids dental said...

Great idea guys, This is more useful for all kids to become more aware the good importance of keeping their teeth clean and healthy to avoid from any dental problem and the future.

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