Thursday, 15 October 2009

BSP Finance Beach Cleaning Campaign

As part of Brunei Shell Finance Department's HSSE (Health Safety Security and Environment) monthly activity, the team has arranged for a Beach Cleaning campaign near the Billionth Barrel monument in Seria today.

It has been a couple of years since we have done the beach cleaning, and it was great to be back, to offer what little we could to help keep the environment clean. Still it saddens to see how people can be so ignorant and opted to just chuck their rubbish (plastic bags, bottles, drinks) anywhere they like, instead of bringing it back and dispose properly. Less they know that if they continue such attitude, they won't be able to enjoy the nice clean beach for long.

Here are some of the pictures during the event , but you can view at my facebook for more.

The nice long walkway leading to the Billionth Barrel monument

The monument as viewed from the beach

Plaque commemorating the 75th Anniversary of Oil and Gas industry in Brunei

Some of the BSP Finance team who made it to the event

These things intrigued me. Apparently they are metal stubs... initially I thought it is one of those things you would associate with superstitious activities

The beach looks clean, but when we walk along we found lots of rubbish almost hidden under the sand.

Team lead for the day, proudly wearing the HSSE shirt

The team in full force

Marc showing his lifting prowess..... safety first, bend at your knees, not your back!

Din working tirelessly

The ladies with youngest participant

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