Sunday, 26 July 2009

Al-Fatihah for the late Yasmin Ahmad Storyteller

Gubra and Sepet are 2 of the great modern time Malay movies that I've ever watched. They were directed by Yasmin Ahmad, self styled storyteller. I was surprised, saddened in fact to hear of her sudden illness and passing last night.

I chanced upon Yasmin Ahmad's blog, and saw this short ad which she produced under commission by the Singapore government. I love this ad, brought tears to my eyes. I watched it during the time I spent recovering, to the point I imagined my dear wife talking about me and my... well, 'car trouble starting' and 'strong rear wind'. I sensed something about that ad, but couldn't put a finger to it... until tonight. It was her magic touch.

My sincere condolence to her family. May Allah bless her soul. Amin.


KantaLensa said...

Al Fatihah. May she rest in peace. Her short video clips are always very catchy and deliver the intended message very well.

Gembo said...

Kanta, I won't be surprised if the 'Burung Murai' iklan is hers.