Saturday, 8 August 2009

They grow so fast.... Alhamdulillah

Feels just like yesterday that we have our first child.... that was about 8 years ago when Muhammad was born. Alhamdulillah, now we have three, and they are all growing fast. I'd dug old photos of each of them when they were babies; Muhammad was 6 days old whilst the girls pics were taken a few hours after labour.

Although it wasn't planned, their gaps are almost similar, Muhammad to Iman is 2 yrs 3 mths 20 days whilst Iman to Aaeeshah is 2 yrs 3 mths 24 days.

Aaeeshah, Muhammad and Iman during the boy's 8th birthday in May.

Muhammad, our first and only boy is now 8 yrs (May 28, 2001)

Iman, our eldest gal and second child is coming 6 yrs (Sept 17, 2003)

Aaeeshah, the youngest, cheeky one and Playhouse Disney channel hogger, is 3.5 yrs. (Jan 11, 2006)


Shopaholic Mama said...

Muhammad really takes after Mrs G while Iman ikut muka Mr G. But Aaeeshah, I cant really tell...yet!

Otak Belacan said...

Mama Ann, kalau 1st ikut omma, 2nd ikut appa, 3rd one comform ada abit of omma and appa! Hehehehe.

Gembo said...

Kak Ann, maybe you are right, Iman takes the character of my late Mum (and me secara tak langsung heheh) .... both physical and personal attributes... attention to very details.