Thursday, 9 July 2009

KL - Day 4

Day 4 - I started Friday morning visiting a friend from work (near KLCC). After an hour for a little catch up at Coffee Bean, I moved on to KLCC (and had another latte!) at Starbucks - not so much to have coffee but to get the Wi-Fi. Can you believe it where we stayed, they charge internet use at RM50 per day!

By lunch time, my wife, my sis and I had lunch with our online friend, Redmummy at Santini restaurant (KLCC). I had to leave early though as I had to attend the Friday prayers - see related post here.

Later that afternoon, we fulfilled our promise to the kids to go to KLCC Aquaria. The entrance fee was RM38 for adult and RM26 for children.

The kids enjoyed watching the piranhas, the creepy crawlies from our equatorial forests, the beautiful colourful butterflies and humongous (edible!) frogs, touching the starfishes and tiger sharks. We were also lucky to get the Piranha feeding show - it only took 16 second for a group of piranha to finish a mackerel to the bone! The finale was the 'Journey', where we get to ride on the 90m moving walkway through the huge aquarium, where lots of grouper, sting rays and sharks share the waters with turtles and lots of small fishes in the clear blue water.

Oh, the kids also got their caricatures drawn (Muhammad and Iman). Till my next updates on day 5.

Hungry Piranhas

Need Electricity?

Demonstrating life in the Amazon during rainy season. Tree roots supporting life.

The Journey

Alligator dreaming of becoming Muhammad heheh

Princess Iman

Ben 10 or Ben Muhammad

Muhammad and Leeja braving the beautiful albino python and chameleon

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