Sunday, 4 July 2010

My surprise birthday...

Before you begin to wish me, this is actually 8 weeks ago, 6th May to be precised... like I said earlier I have LOTS of overdue posts hehehe... Well, I'll just make it short but would like to thank my only sister Leeja for the surprise, she couldn't decide between Japanese and Kebab, so she bought both and along with that a very nicely decorated cake

I am actually on leave for 2 weeks now, going back to the place which actually started a series of memorable and life changing events.  With what time I have available, I will try to catch up on the Overdue posts

Cards from Gembo Juniors

Thanks Leeja for the cake!

Sushi and London Kebab (Doner... yummy!!)

Thanksgiving Du'a for Allah's blessing

Wonder if they are excited to celebrate daddy's birthday
or to get to enjoy the cake :-)

Till next post...


Anonymous said...

happy belated birthday....i love the cake look yummy....

Sateria & Haiza said...

Happy Belated B'day Mr.G!!

Yummy Cake.. sia2 pun... Puasa! :)