Friday, 24 April 2009

MRI & Blood Test

MRI & Blood test result were out: MRI was clear, nothing jumps out from the images and the liver function test has improved, although still higher than the normal.

Next Monday will be the appointment with my neurologist - lets hope all is ok. I am still a bit tired towards the later part of the day, and doctors I have seen kept on reminding that I need to regain my stamina - I actually did, walked laps around the compound of our house for the past couple of weeks, but lately couldn't do much as the hazy weather is back - believe the extreme temperature is to blame:

This was taken after the Friday prayer today. Average temperature was usually around 32 - 34 deg C, but today, it showed a whopping 38.5 deg C.  That's HOT!


Shopaholic Mama said...

38.5? I rather stay indoors.

My hubby, now in India, says over there its 41 degrees, you can imagine how the heat is!

Gembo said...

Kak Ann, now it's worst. Its still hot and humid, but the haze is coming!

Wow, 41 deg! tu lagi panas.