Sunday, 3 May 2009

For the kids

A little boy looked so sad for days, and was approached by his teacher when he was about to be picked up by his grandad after school. The teacher was worried, the boy had lost weight and was not his usual chirpy self, and asked him if he was ill - he replied, with tears pouring, "I missed my daddy so much!"

That boy is our son, Muhammad Abdurrahman, and I learnt this a couple of weeks ago from my mom's cousin (my office mate), whose little daughter is my son's school mate.  Not a good thing to share in the office, as I really had a hard time fighting back tears.

My wife used to bring the kids out for good meal, mostly during weekends. During my recovery, the 'outing' was merely "reaaaaalllllly healthy food" (read: porridge, soups etc) at home.  I promised my wife and the kids though, that I'd treat them to a very sumptuous meal when I got better.

Alhamdulillah, my health improved and I started working about 3 weeks ago (2 weeks in the mornings only).  And as promised to the kids, we drove across the border to Miri and treated them to a great dinner at Secret Recipe a week before last. 

We've brought Muhammad to the Secret Recipes in KL and Singapore, and he loved the lamb shank, prawn macaroni and that giant curry puff (I can't remember what its called). So we ordered the giant curry puff for Muhammad (2 piece!), I had my lambshank (he ate a quarter of it), Princess Iman had a macaroni (Muhammad ate half) and my dad in law had a caribbean style fish fillet (Muhammad ate a quarter). My dear wife had a laksa, and guess what, Muhammad had a few slurps hahah - talk about APPETITE! The pictures are shown below, and what's so great about the meal is its very good value for money - from where we come from. At RM160, it is roughly B$60 and for a meal for 5 including drinks, that's great value.

"Daddy, can I order Oreo Milshake?"

"This one here?"

"Thanks Dad! I love you!"

Admiring the cakes - pity we're full at the end, otherwise wouldn't have mind to have a couple of cakes for desert.

Daddy's lamb shank... oh no, my mouth waters as I am writing this!

Dad's caribbean style fish fillet

Princess Iman's macaroni

And Muhammad enjoying his giant puff!

For photo enthusiasts looking for reviews on Canon 450D, these shots are taken with no flash, ISO1600 and speed 1/13 (of course, with IS kit lens)


Moralle said...

so cute the kids, they really enjoyed the outing with mum n dad........

Gembo said...

oh yes.... especially part makan. they also enjoy the shops, cos Parkson has renovated their Miri dept store and we felt we were in KL when we're in there heheh

Gymah said...

awww... terharu ku membaca. To have a kid to say dat, its really heart warming. Bless u Ngian and wish you'll have a healthy and content life with the wife and kids.

GokuQaL-Na said... wife n Haiqal pun selalu makan di Secret Recipe.. yeah its great value..
But jgn selalu lamb tu..tinggi kolesterol... kekee