Sunday, 3 May 2009

KindyCare School Visit 25.04.2009: Forestry Dept

Muhammad's school, Kindycare organised a school trip to visit Brunei Forestry Department & Museum last Saturday. I offered to be the photographer and was kindly given a seat on the bus.For more pics, please go to my facebook album 

The museum is open Monday to Thursday and Saturday, during office hours (8 - 4 pm), and entrance is free. The museum showcased the history of the department and the resources from Brunei's invaluable forest - we were told the sandlewood (Gaharu) can cost up to B$40,000 per kg!

Prayer before the trip

Queuing to the bus. It was cosy, with entertainment (tv) and very good airconditioned. And 2 point seatbelts for all the seats.

Muhammd with his trip buddy, Zakwan

 The Forestry Department

Or Forest Tree Repartmen heheh

The school logo on the school sports cap.

Muhammad posing near the museum's entrance

some of the exhibit at the Forestry Museum: this is a tool to measure distance (one chain = 66 feet).... maybe this is what my late grandad used to call "serantai jauhnya"

more exhibits: notice the long axe!

special tool to mark the trees to be cut

The history of uniforms worn by the Brunei Forestry personnel.

Brunei is still 80% covered by forest.... Is that good or what for the CO2 balance? The department however have to ensure that Brunei maintain/improve the ratio for the future generation.

Muhammad posing at the Forestry Dept recreation park

Group photo at the park

Finish off at the Ayamku Sungai Liang


Moralle said...

salam bro, wah seronok muhammad went to visit museum, ayah nye pun tentu seronok....actually its good kan to bring the kids to the museum, let them c historic things there.........

Gembo said...

salam Sis... memang dia seronok, whats more, dia seorang je ada daddy close by hehehe. InsyaAllah next school holiday, we'll visit the Royal Regalia, museum alat kebesaran diraja Brunei.

Shopaholic Mama said...

I cant remember when was the last time I step into a museum here, maybe never before! hahaha

Budak-budak tu semua well behaved eh!

Gembo said...

Kak Ann
Well behaved on the picture only heheh..... The museum location was dipinggir-pinggir hutan, and there was this kids ,he asked the cikgu: "Cikgu, ada jin ke dalam hutan ni".... the cikgu snapped, "Isssyyy, jgn sebut nama tu dkt sini" hehehe cikgu pun takut kan heheh