Sunday, 10 May 2009

Going 35... with da family over weekend!

We had the family over on Saturday night for the Thanksgiving or Do'a Selamat, to celebrate my 35th birthday. The following are some pics taken from the night, but you can view more at my facebook link. Salam all and have a great weekend.

p/s - I am looking forward to two Red teams to deliver their goods tonight, to make my birthday! (Manchester United playing vs Manchester City; and Ferrari competing in the Barcelona F1).

Cake contributed by my dad and my siblings

Prayer or Do'a to bless the ceremony, praying for health, faith, happiness, wealth, success. Amin.

cutting the cake with Gembo-Kids.  We had stuffed mushrooms with cheese for appetizer, and main course is Cheese Rice, Roasted Lamb leg and Lemon/Rosemary Grilled Chix, plus Spaghetti with Tomato/Meat sauce.  Dessert were Fruits and mix-fruits cocktail.  

Present from Ka Gina (sis in law).... from Hong Kong.... no swine flu, ok!

And this is  gift from my Abang and his wife, Ka Yati... they sure know what I like heheh. Lets try the lamb shank for a change ah.


Moralle said...

salam sorry terlambat ke sini to wish u Happy 35 birthday, semoga Allah melindungi dan memberi mu kesihatan sentiasa...AMINNNNNN.....salam to Mrs G, Happy mothers day to her to, love moralle dari kota Singa.....

Gembo said...

salam Sis... no worries. thanks for the wishes and do'a. Amin. Selamat Hari Ibu to u too, sis.

Encik Gembo (35) dari Brunei heheh