Sunday, 10 May 2009

Going 35.

Alhamdulillah, I am blessed with love of my darling wife and loving kids, and families and friends, and blessed with life, that I can celebrate my 35th birthday. 

As my big day fell on a weekday (6 May), we had a quite low key celebration, just us a family of five, with a big makan planned over the weekend when close family members are available.

I thought of only having satay, but was surprised by my wife with the Blackforest cake (thanks Sayang) and by my son Muhammad, who sponsored the satay with his school allowance. Semoga Muhammad murah rezeki, belanja Babah. Amin.

the Cake

blowing out with the 3 angels


Shopaholic Mama said...

Happy Belated Birthday Mr G!

May you be blessed with good health and a happy lifelong journey with yr fabulous wife Mrs G & wonderful kids! Semoga juga rezeki bertambah InsyaALlah..

A very thoughtful Muhammad for belanja-ing satay!

Otak Belacan said...

Happy Belated Birthday Tuan G!

Wahh main surprise2 ni Puan G.. Kekeke. Siap ada satay! Awww sungguh tarching. Muhammad, kak nad masa your age pun cannot think of such things lah! [Just how much did you get for school allowance to blanje satay seh! Kekeke.]

Bijakkkk anak mummy daddy ni eh. :)

Tuan G, mother sy selalu pesan, when it comes to birthday wishes, don't go like the norms. Just doakan yang terbaik untuk mereka.

Jadi Tuan G, sempena belated birthday Tuan G, saya doakan yang terbaik buat Tuan G sekeluarga. Amin! :)

PS: Happy Mom's day to Puan G! *hugs*

Gembo said...

Kak Ann, Nadh

Many thanks for the wishes and do'a. Mrs G selalu surpise . . . . in fact one surprise got leaked... will share with you both when it actually arrives heheh

Muhammad has a big heart, I saw three different characters in my kids, the good and the... well, room for improvement but Muhammad is very kind hearted. I gave him $10 per week for allowance, but he bring food from home for primary school, so dia save lah heheh.

the kecik said...

Happy Belated Birthday!

Hv a great year and life ahead wif ur family n friends!

It's good to noe that you're doing great now. Bila nk ajak gi umah neh? He..

Gembo said...

Hi there kecik
Thanks. ALhamdulillah I am getting there.

Oh sila lah datang rumah, we are both normally free on Sundays... let us know earlier ye.