Wednesday, 9 January 2008

DRM End of Year Gathering 2007

DRMers.... my apologies, I didn't remember taking many shots that day but when I check the downloaded photos, apparently somebody took some shots.

DRM hardman... serial swearer heheh

Mrs Randomclicker & Sis

Cuboi... really trying to convince me to buy 10 dozens of his upcoming comic heheh

Mr Randomclicker.... I hope this gathering will not end up in his future blast in the past heheheh

Fellow Canonian... Papz

Gaffa delivering the 2007 closing speech. Such a hardworker,
the only guy who sweats during the cold rainy day

Javier... DRM import from Latin America

D'Tripod... getting the Canon bug?

Proof that it wasn't me taking the shots :-)

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