Thursday, 8 November 2007

Helicopter take off

      The glorious new S92 in the hangar prior to be towed out for afternoon flight.

Recently I teamed up with colleagues from the Group Risks & Insurance to review our Aviation Operations risks. We were given the honour to climb quite a number of steps up to the control tower, and it was well worth the steps... we stayed to watch a helicopter lands, refuel and takes-off again, and to see how the controller handles it. Not an easy job and he has to be on the watch.... good that they have buddies up there.

Do you know that it reduces the take-off & landing risks if the chopper takes-off and lands like an airplane i.e. taking an inclination (did i say it right) compared to vertical take-off & landing? well, i just knew about it. well, check out the pics below.

Chopper towed out from its hangar

The controller on duty is a buddy from A-levels. He's been with BSP for 14 years!

      View in the tower

      A chopper lands.....

      ..... and takes off again.

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