Wednesday, 30 May 2007

6th Anniversary into Fatherhood

At 4.28 pm 28 May, 6 years ago, i officially became a Pengiran after the birth of my eldest child and only son, Ak Muhammad Abdurrahman.

This year is the first time we made a big birthday bash for him, hosted his classmates at home and played a number of games: pass the parcel, treasure hunt, musical chair and "menari karau" (frozen dancing heheh). It was good fun actually, he really enjoyed it especially as he got lots of presents... Knowing that he loves to read, i bought him the Story Reader, a device which looks like a book and reads the text of the active page etc.

He grew up so fast, it feels just like yesterday that i call the Azan to his ears when he was born... (teary eyed...) enjoy the pics!

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