Thursday, 7 February 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai @ Henry Ling's Residence

Our contractor invited us for his Chinese New Year open house. Henry was a good host, and was really apologetic when the Lion Dance troupe he first ordered bailed out in the last minute, and he immediately ordered a replacement which came 10 minutes later.

here's the pics taken during the day.

This year is the Chinese Year of the Rat

Henry entertaining his guests

More guests

young guests

more guests

and even more guests

"OK, this is what I want you to do... send me two Lions ah"

Young blood taking charge of the music

The two lions entering Henry's residence

Lion logo... very nice and creative. I don't know what it means though, but if I were to assume, I guess it means something like, "Lion Dance Association"

The Lions entering the compound... Muhammad is in the foreground

Lions fighting to get to the "offerings"

One of the lions indulging in the "offerings"

The offerings..... before

... and after

The Lions working together to thank the host for the offerings

and presenting it to Mrs Ling

The host receiving a certificate for inviting the Lions

The certificate up close


Mermaid said...

Thanks for sharing the lion dance performance pics, Azmi. Nice ah....

Gembo said...

u're welcome. Are you in any of the pics?