Sunday, 20 July 2008

BSRC Photographers Night Outing - HM 62 B'day in KB 18.07.08

This could be my biggest post ever.... On Friday evening (18 July) I hosted the BSRC Photography Section members to a light dinner at our place prior to the outing.

It was later followed by a walkabout at the gerai/tamu area for a challenging low-lighting photography, and later that night/midnight, off to the Bandaran KB Padang to capture last minute touch-ups as well as Dewan Santap in KB. In the team that night were Haji Salleh, Hj Mohd Jaya (&Mrs) and Hj Mahmud, prominent BLNG & BSP leaders who are also members of the Photography Section, pros like Toolpusher, Ichinose & Butakaler, bloggers AJ, Iskandarworld & KBHappening (Friends, let me know if I overlooked anyone).

Anyway, enjoy the commentary below:

Fill the tummy before the memory card heheh... I am happy the guests enjoyed my pasta.... Chix & Mushroom Fettucine in White Cream Sauce... c-Is kan curi resipi I heard heheh

Nikonians Is & Hj Salleh preparing the settings. I think all of us end up with the highest ISO (1600 for my 450D)

We also tried different white balance settings... this is 'tunsgten light' setting...

.. whilst this is AutoWhiteBalance (AWB)

Teenagers hanging around who became our 'subject'

Our friend from Panaga Health Centre

One of the many vendors at the tamu

This is AJ. In the background is an unknown photographer (I guess Iskandar or KBHappening knows her - they both knows almost EVERYONE!)

Happy vendors... and willing models heheh

Haji Salleh, Hj Mohd & Mrs framed

Lowlight macro shooting

Haji Salleh wondering if he could trade the D300 for a 40D heheh

Toolpusher sporting a 70-200 on a D1 mkIII... WOW!

Who is the real Ichinose... Haji Bob or SpongeBob?

It took me more than 10 shots to get it this nice (at least to my humble eyes).... low light photography is really testing!

I think this shot was better, as there is a bit more light from the street lamp

Gas by BSM! who else heheh

Butakaler loaned his diffuser to built-in flash. This shot of Hj Mohd is taken with the diffuser

And this is without. You can see the difference and at $45 each, I think I'll have one thanks.

Another test shot. This was taken with flash (speed 1/60th of a second) . . .

. . . and this is without, but at speed 1/8th of a second

Toolpusher - framed within the balloons

I think this shot was taken at 1/6th of a second. Good thing the lady was standing still (although u can see her hands moving, pulling the balloons).

Haji Mahmud giving Hj Salleh the cold shoulder - for making him buy Nikon heheheh.

The fellow on the right recently converted from Nikon to Canon.... Wise move Haji. Hj Salleh & Spongebob were not amused

G-Bob (heheh not Spongey) is now the unofficial group photographer

This is Butakaler in the shadows in butakaler (monochrome!)

I took more than 30 panning shots. Here are my attemps worthy of being posted. Have to thank Ichinose for the guidance ... thanks bro!

not so bad but still a bit blurred

almost there... still blurry but better

and this was the best panning shot I could get before I got pening (headache) heheh


Model of the Pusat Insani... location in front of OGDC in Seria

Senior leaders of BSP and HMM burning midnight oil to make sure everythings perfect for His Majesty's tour

This is the plans for a 24 lane bowling and 2 cineplex near OGDC

The proposed site

The timeline

Those involved

An aerial view.. at the top is OGDC, inthe middle is the park and the bottom is Pusat Insani.

Musfada team doing the last minute preparation

Haji Zainal (BSP-DMD/HD) explaining to the late evening crowd about the proposals

Butakaler - FRAMED in butakaler

I wonder if this poster will increase the sales of the ladder hahaha

Model of the Pusat Insani

Hj Zainal stressing the point that we should not put the pics into our blog before 12 noon Saturday. At time of writing it is 11 am Sunday, so should be ok.

Model of the Oil Drop at the centre of the park

Another trial shots... I guess it is about the metering (I followed everything in the magazine to get the second shot, but forgot what is is about)

This shot is better than the one above

I just realised that the flowers are fresh, and produced by local nurseries (previously imported from the region!)
Major sponsors for HM's birthday celebration in KB

Menjunjung Kasih... Thank you Your Majesty

close up shot of the Brunei Coat of Arms at the Royal seats
Another trial shots... of the same thing, but different metering

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