Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Brunei International Halal Expo

This post should've been made a week ago, but haven't got a chance to even download my memory card (read: malas / lazy).

Anyway, brought my camera but didn't get to take much pictures - true to a friend's comic strip - I enjoyed sampling the halal foods being introduced there.

This should be a reminder to consume halal foods - including food from halal sources. The caption roughly reads: Prayers will not be answered if you continue to consume haram foods.

Asha seems to enjoy relaxing on the lounge seat

BSP was one of the main sponsor of the expo

I don't know what halal has to do with the batik or what batik has to do with halal for that matter.... non-Alcohol inks perhaps heheh

Kids with Ideal chix - this is the chix that really got the attention last couple of weeks - wanting to shake hands with HM the Sultan during the expo

Believe the crowd there are thankful for Milo's free offer - i remember downing up to 5 cups heheh. Cuboi - karing lihir kali ah, bukan kan sampling heheh

Momat really enjoying his Milo

Can't wait for the Yoki Soku soku - taste great although I havent found it in the local market yet

Yum yum

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