Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Random Pics of Hari Raya - Part 1

Asha pose ala-Arab

"The Prodigal Son"
My wife's younger brother who surprised everyone - he came back from Melbourne for 2 weeks holiday, arriving in Brunei 2 days before Hari Raya

GemboKids with their Uncu - my youngest sister

Hari Raya at my father-in-law's eldest brother

The brothers. . . they were both yatim piatu when my father in law was 2 (Wa Ahmad was 5).

Roslan & Pg Annuar - discussing another trip to KL heheh

Cucu-cucu Haji Razali - minus Md Wa'Izz

Oh no, sticky candy

Our maids - the baby is Muhammad Wa'Izz

Muhammad looking handsome in his Cara Melayu
Tiga dara pinggitan

Our handsome boy - he completed 30 days of fasting. We're proud of him.

Iman & Wa'Izz

Izwan & Princess Iman


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