Tuesday, 6 January 2009

Long Jam to Miri

On the last day of 2008, we drove with my father in law to Miri, to pick up my mom-in-law at the airport (from Kuching). As expected, we queued more than 1km from the border, as people were rushing to celebrate new year in Miri (where 'drinks' are available & then some). 

My father in law also belanja makan at Secret Recipe - so we had lamb stews, prawn macaroni and fish & chips, plus 5 drinks for about RM170 or c. B$70 - such good value! Sayaaaaaang Bapa heheh.

Milestone - 1km to Sungai Tujuh (border post)

closer now at 300m to go

Now, this is the queue to Malaysia... it stretches back to Brunei!

Iman's Fish & Chips

Gembo's Prawn Macaroni

Dad's lamb stew... and what's left of it


Emran Hasan said...

Lama udah aku nda ke Miri. Wheres Secret Recipe anyway? Nyaman usulnya lamb stew atu... slurp..!!!

Gembo said...

Secret Recipe ani hampir Grand Palace Hotel - masuk dari simpang Grand Palace Hotel. Nyaman kali ah Ji heheh... tapi hari atu aku good boi, aku makan macaroni saja.

Anonymous said...

Salam Mr/Mrs Gembo.....
tks for ur infm of Secret Recipe. Inshallah klu i ke miri i akan cuba. Can u gv me more kedai mkn di miri yg enak.coz i cant find nice food in Miri la. tks again


Gembo said...

Salam to u too Shiab
Other places we enjoy eating in Miri..

1) Delifrance bristo @ Parkson - nyaman eh, Salmon Teriyaki nya different to that from the SUshi place in Brunei

2) Luak Bay sea food (ada big lobster sign) - fresh sea food.... watch the cholestrol level heheh

Good luck.