Monday, 8 December 2008

My Kampong . . . the place where I grew up

the House I grew up in, in Kampong Melayu Asli

View of the Belait River from our house

My dad & step-mom run this gerai, selling Nasi Katok, Roti John, Teh Tarik & Juices. Oh... & ABC.

Support vessels for Brunei Shell calling it a day

My precious three enjoying their Nasi Katok

floating 'apong'... 

Muhammad wanted his photo taken with the 'apong'

A barge being towed out to the sea... heard its heading to Kuching to get rocks??

The Kampong was recently facelifted - prior to that the landscape was only grass with a few palm trees and leaning... YES, leaning street lights. So the Municipal Board spent $$ to facelift the area, with concrete pathways and beautiful lights, as well as benches for lepak. The downside is there is no parking space, so people tend to park on the road, making it a single lane.


Amal said...

NGIAN..aku mencari burger homemade ah..nada lagi kah?

Gembo said...

tunggu . . . . adatu nanti, my bro keraja udah, but now ada arrangement kan cari pekerja

Shopaholic Mama said...

Aiyoh, tu bukan kampung. Tu pun mcm istana jugak seh. Bestnye rumah2 kat Brunei, semua besar2 majestic looking, unlike our 'pigeon holes' homes here in Singapore!

Gembo said...

mama, Alhamdulillah.... I guess dulu harga tanah murah & penduduk tak ramai. Rumah ni pun dah 40+ years old! Pigeon Holes? heheh

Anyway, enjoy ur trip to the 'muddy estuary' ye,

Mr G

Emran474 said...

Wah! batah sudah nda ku meliat kampung mu Mie.Steady udah permandangan nya. Seeing the jetty reminds me the time when we played 'pipe-bomb' and placed it there. hehehe. Luckily both ouf us still have our 10 fingers.


Gembo said...

Awu eh, sanang2 datang lah .... shhh, bukan main pipe-bomb, experiment with compressed explosive material heheh, kan kitani science students.. tapi syukur Alhamdulillah, masih ada tangan and muka.

BTW, heard about new baby - tahniah eh. so 3 girls eh.

take care bro, insyaAllah jumpa lagi

Jimi @ Gembo

Blushwax said...

Hehe...that does not look like a kampung at all.
what is nasi katok by the way?

Gembo said...

Blushwax: That is as kampong as it can get heheh. Nasi Katok is actually nasik bungkus: nasi putih, sambal + ayam goreng, and it cost $1. The term 'katok' literally means 'knock'. Back in the 80's, only a few people sold nasi katok in Bandar Seri Begawan.... the customers come around, knock on the vendors home, and only then the vendor buat the nasik bungkus. It suddenly become famous in the last 5 years, as many vendors started like mushrooms