Thursday, 20 November 2008

Family Picnic in Tutong @ 15 Nov

Last weekend, Gembo family with nenek nenek & Wawa wawa + cousins went to the beautiful Tutong beach, located midway between our Kuala Belait town and Bandar Seri Begawan... Last we went there was August 2006! 

It was a treat for the children having finished their exams on Thursday. Wish the Sunset Photographer was there though.... u r really missed!

We brought fried mee & fried rice & fried chix (READ: FRIED!) + keropok's - my my, this is a calorie laden outing hahahah - but the kids enjoyed it, they get to play with the waves and the BIG kids get to play the ATV (all terrain vehicle?), that cost $10 per 20 minutes. We played a full 1 hour until it got too hot out there.

Enjoy the pics below. 

The beautiful beach, and THAT cloud... I don't know what it is but it sure looks interesting, so captivating!

The kids playing with the waves... well, that's as far as they could go.

Babah.... may I ride with you? Of course, son. 

My in-laws were wondering - what's gone wrong with their "favourite" son-in-law









Otak Belacan said...

Huwargh!!!!! BESTNYAAAA!!! Nakkkkk main tuuuuu ATV!!!


Pics are nice... I especially like the last one, with the purple crocs!

Sangat coolness gambar tu!

♥ els.65 said...

Abannngggg... Kakaaaaaa. Leeejaa manaaaa? Hahaha mcm siukk. Memang siuk! Hehe, bah n0v 2010 lagi kesana k? Haha as you've said, da last tym u went there was in aug 06 kan? And 2008 bru ksana g, so next wil be 2010. Hehehe. X0x0.

Gembo said...

memang best.... that pic - Puan G yang ambik. Tuan G tengah berseronok seronok hahah

Master G (kononnya)

Gembo said...

Liza.... InsyaAllah inda payah tunggu lama2, in Dec lah kali... kitani kitani heheh, Muhammad mau lagi

Blushwax said...

ATV!!!!! So fun...lagi2 riding the ATV on such a wide beach. The beaches in SG terlalu crowded and oh so narrow. tak best langsung even if we had option to ride the ATV.

Shopaholic Mama said...

The beach looks deserted & very private! best, unlike here so crowded & cramped, there are so many ppl camping along the beach it seems they are making it their home!