Sunday, 25 April 2010

A United Family.... well, almost

For the past few weekends, I have been fortunate enough that live football matches involving my team - Manchester United - were shown conveniently during dinner time on Saturday night.

So convenient that we took the opportunity to host dinner whilst waiting for the game.... correction, POT LUCK dinner - as we are still maidless for exactly 3 months yesterday.

The match two weeks ago was forgettable - as we lost at home to Chelsea, our main contender for the Premier League championship.  Suddenly the satay, the roti jons, the pasta that we had then felt like thorn in my throat. What more with my Abang in the crowd, rubbing salt to our already painful wound - more on him later, the unfortunate-one-to-support-other-than-United in our family.

Abang - Spurs supporter - so happy that Chelsea won against United.... 
much to the anger of the crowd!!!

The match last week at Manchester City was so memorable as the match against Chelsea was forgettable. We didn't host dinner, so ended up watching the game in our bedroom. The game was so open, just like a Cup final, and with only 30 seconds to spare and score tied at 0-0, the old boy Scholes scored with a header out of nowhere to win the game! I danced and ran in circles in our room, much to the shock of our 3 children - my dear wife had to explain to the kids why their dad was going gaga hahaha.

And for the match last night against Spurs, we'd decided to have another pot luck dinner as our Abang is a long-time Spurs supporter. As promised, more on him - we grew up with our grandparents and our granddad loved watching Big League Soccer. Somehow in the late 70s and in the 80s, Abang was mesmerised by the magical skills of Spurs superstars like Ardilles, Villa, Hoddle and Waddle, and supported them since, despite not winning many trophy, unlike of course, Manchester United. Ehem. Excuse me for gloating. Again.

Anyway, for the match last night especially the first half, I couldn't taste the chicken biryani - not that it didn't taste good, it was (excuse me, again, heheh) but we're held 0-0 by Spurs and Abang gloated so much that the doughnuts and ice cream for desserts during half time tasted like sand.

Suddenly, in the second half United was awarded a penalty and Giggsy, an OAP player scored from the spot (Old Age Pensioner heheh) - Abang suddenly went quiet only to return to his oldself when Spurs scored to level it up. Then Abang was silenced throughout as Nani scored a cheeky well taken lob to bring United 2-1, and again another penalty, finished by Giggsy to finish the game 3-1.

But Abang was such a sport (he's got no choice being in the crowd of red last night), that he stayed back after the game and take in the 'abuses' hehehhe. It was all part of the game, to 'abuse' or be 'abused'.... Why abuse in quotes? This is what we call football banter and it is especially fun when you won. Just like last night.

Till then.

From the match last night, My dad on the right is also a United fan. Unfortunately my little bro
 (no pun intended Yoi hehhe) couldn't join us. That little United supporter is my cousin's son 
and he's so adorable!


Spurs fan said...

Ha ha...good story. Salute to your abang. Spurs fans are real rare breed. I also started supporting the club 30 yrs ago back in 1980

Gembo said...

Hahah thanks Ji, real rare breed indeed I have to say... I only know of 4 person (including you) who support Spurs.

msk2705 said...

Hahahahaha... Baru ku teliat ni gambar ah... I loike...!!! FB kn gambar ni skali...!!! Hahahaha...