Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Catching up.... Asha is 5 @ 11.1.11

Assalamu 'Alaikum

I had a very long couple of days at work. As I said, new job and I loved every minute of it and the challenges.  It's two days now that I could only leave after 6.

But I am trying my best to keep to my promise (to myself) to get back to writing, or blogging rather.

I am catching up to those missed posts, to start with, my Baby Princess's birthday.  Before going further, let me explain why I am posting 'old' stories:  Well, the Gembo Juniors surf the net everyday and they question their Babah on the static Gembo blog.  They love and enjoy seeing their 'stories' on the web.  Iman surfs on her iPod touch, Asha on daddy's old MacBook and Muhammad on any of the two.

Asha, my Gembo Junior #3, turned 5 about 5 moons ago on a very nice date, 11.1.11.   Apart from sharing with you that she had two parties - one with the family at home and another one with her friends at school, I won't say much and let you enjoy these well preserved photos. 

Ancu Leeja baked these nice cupcakes. They tasted as good as they looked!

And we got this for her birthday at home too... 

That's Baby Princess Asha

Getting her first steps (or rolls rather) with her Kaka Iman and Abang Muhammad

And here's Asha going solo

Now, this is Asha's cake at school. Ice cream cake, mind you.

Teachers made sure Asha's kindy classmates lined up and sang her Happy Birthday 

A proud looking Asha

And a happier smile next to her darling Mummy

Every classmates greeted her, including the prince of the class, Danish 

Now that's the widest smile I'd seen in any of her birthday photos

One of Asha's all time favourite, water/soap bubbles

Asha and her beloved Kaka Iman, with the gifts from her classmates


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