Sunday, 19 June 2011

Now, that's a long time!

Assalamu 'Alaikum

I have been very quiet on the social networking since the turn of the year.  No posts of my kids' birthday (Aaeeshah on 11.1.11 and Muhammad on 28.5.11), our travels (February shopping, April F1 and June school holidays) or Muhammad's rise to adulthood.

Close friends knew my reasons.  Alhamdulillah the family is all well.

My reasons? Time... or rather the lack of it.

The thing is, I have moved on from the Insurance section where I have been for the last 8 1/2 years to a new job in Safety.  Still with the same Company.  The move had been given the green light in August last year and materialised only in April this year as my successor only joined in March.

Over the turn of the year, I had to ensure all the insurance documents, procedures, manuals, controls and what nots to be in place by the time my successor join us.  By the time she joined, I had practically a month to do the handover.

To make it more challenging, I attended a 2 weeks NEBOSH course (on Safety) with practically zero experience in Safety from mid-March.  I still had to do the handover from 4pm till 7 at night, or 9pm at one point.  Luckily for me this lady is well qualified and knew the stuff well, so handover was a breeze.  Still, in between the handover and the classes the next day I had to do revisions at night and the result came out just last Friday... I passed! Alhamdulillah. With distinction.... Alhamdulillah.  Alhamdulillah. Thanks to my wife for keeping the kids distracted during my course & revisions, and for reassuring me that I'd do well.

So with this... would I return to regular blogging? And update my Twitter & Facebook accounts? I can't promise but it feels good. The writing feels good.  It keeps my mind going and away from work. I can sense that my wife misses my blogs too. She reads.

I still have a lot to do and READ in my new job. I finished reading a 70 page manual whilst waiting for my son's procedure last Tuesday. 3 hours read. Heavy stuff. And there is another Framework paper to be read - all 216 pages of it!

About reading, I've just finished reading Jeffrey Archer's latest book Only Time Will Tell during the recent holiday to KL and the reading felt good. So good that I reread his old book, the Eleventh Commandment and finished in three days. It felt good, and helps with my vocabulary.

Now, the writing felt good. I hope to blog more. Sooner, rather than in another 6 months. InsyaAllah.


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