Monday, 28 June 2010


OK, England lost and so the dream continues.... but that is not what I am going to write now.

I have recently received an email from a friend, which contained a letter from a consumer group saying that a popular foodstuff contains lard (pig fat).

I don't know what is the intention of the originator of the email, but I do know my friend sent it with good intentions. But I have always been weary of this kind of emails, and true enough the official website from the authority in a neighbouring country stated that following their analysis, the alleged ingredient was non-existent.

I just hope that people do keep an open mind without any prejudice, until anything is proven.

The above is just one example how rumours can easily influence people with one track mind - they will only believe what they want to.

I've learned (and continue learning) from the wise and learned among my families and colleagues that there is just so much that you can do - don't fish for them, give them the rod instead. We are all born with this thing in our head called a brain - so use it wisely. Think. Don't be gullible.


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