Thursday, 10 June 2010

Storm is Coming?

The family had just came back from a vacation to a land 'Far, Far Away' where Dinosaurs once ruled the land, and Mummies cursed anyone trying to lay hands on their treasures. We flew on the back of a dragon, and searched for treasures within the walls of Imhotep resting place. We met Frankenstein, a well known green ogre and Charlie Chaplin is actually still alive!
We also went to a place with HUGE collections of animals, and saw a cheeky Carlos the sea lion and took pictures with parrots.

Not forgetting the big 'O'.... for Orchard road.

Will post more pics on that above but this caught my eyes when I downloaded this morning, and am happy to share.


UmmiRosma said...

Oh you and family went on a fabulous vacation...Singapore Universal Studio..i bet! siuk berabiz....*my daughter's wishlist"

Will wait for the entry posts...

Gembo said...

you guessed right! siok, especially the kids... ur kids will surely love that place... still balum ber download abis bah the pics... insyaAllah this weekend.