Thursday, 26 August 2010

Ten years. 25.8.2000

Bismilla Hirrahma Nirrahim

Alhamdulillah, Praise to Allah, Whom have granted us with health, wealth, patience and wisdom, that my wife (R) and I have today come to a milestone in our lives, celebrating our 10 years wedding anniversary.

We've come a long way. My wife and I were classmates in From 3 to From 5 (1988-90), we then went on to study at the Sixth Form College (1991-92), upon which we went separate ways - she went straight to work with Brunei Shell and I got a scholarship to UK.

I have been attracted to her since in Form 3, but never had the guts to pursue further. Even in Form 6. It goes without saying that we were good friends, we helped each other with studies but I never had the guts to express my feelings for her.

But Allah is Al-'Alim (The All Knowing), I met her again during my final year in the UK when she was sent by the company to further her studies.  Thanks also to my best friend Aji Emran and a box of Indomie.

And then as they say, it's history.  R and I tied the knot 3 years later, and we have since been blessed with a boy, Muhammad and two girls Iman and 'Aaeeshah. Alhamdulillah.

I continuously pray that Allah grants us patience and wisdom to see us through to eternity, till death do us part.

Mr G


the kecik said...


Happy Anniversary Mr n Mrs G!

Btw, a box of indomie? = D

Shopaholic Mama said...

so short the story, but touching anyway!

kecik, I suspect Mrs G jadi tukang bawak the indomie to pass to Mr G from his fren agaknya...hahaha

Happy Anniversary to you both from both FM & myself !

Gembo said...

Thanks ladies heheh, indomie will form the Part deux hahah

UmmiRosma said...

So sweet...happy anniversary ya!

I wonder about the sentimental value kept by the indomee *ehem*

Warmest regards to your lovely Mrs G and i wish to see her more in the FB and this lovely blog of yours..cheers!

Gembo said...

Hi Rosma... thank you... Will share soon on the Indomee hehe

She is shy :-), hence only restricted to very few pics. InsyaAllah I'll try to fix you two to meet finally, in person, during this coming hari raya.

Jimi @ Gembo