Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Where have the days gone?

Looking at the date today I realised that it has been exactly a month since we left home for our holiday, coming home back barely 2 weeks later.

Recalling my boss' comment to a colleague yesterday (he was on leave the same time as I was), "Work is  very hectic and our holiday was a distant memory"He couldn't be more accurate, indeed it was a distant memory, squeezed down by the bulk of work being accumulated in my absence.

Anyway, this blog has sadly taken the lowest priority in my life and not given the attention it deserved, more backlog it seems. I just hope, sincerely hope, to be able to share the photos of our travels during the last 2 months.....

..... and quietly praying that my leave in September will come

Oh, before I sign off, just to share... We went to see quite a famous lady during my holiday


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