Thursday, 16 December 2010


Assalamu 'Alaikum

This has been a hectic time of the year at work, not just because it is the year end (chasing targets, KPI etc), but in my case, I have to renew insurance programs.

In the absence of a few key people, others have to deputise as the signatories, and one happened to be a good friend of mine.  Approaching him professionally, we reviewed the renewal proposal together and he suddenly laughed out loud.... "You have too much 'however' in this submission!", and he said that kind of words would normally jump out, and in most cases viewed as negative..... well, couple of things, you have to hear me out....

Ok, in my defence the 'however' was to negate the negative, so it becomes a positive - for those you studied math, minus times minus equals plus, right?  Like a salesman, I convinced him just that, that is negating the negative (that's a fact, I wasn't trying to screw him heheh), and he finally approved!

Secondly, I didn't realise that I used too much 'however' until he pointed it out. And it's just not in this proposal, but in many others. I guess it is my OCDs or what the Bruneian Malays would call 'paingan' hahah, which also reminded me of my early days following graduation. As a government scholar, I had to apply for jobs with the government and had to write in the application letters in Malay.  After the first cut, I asked my then girlfriend (of course MrsG!) to review, and she counted more than TEN 'juga' in the 3 paragraphed letter - 'juga' is Malay for 'also'.... oh, she still remembers that till today, and still laughed about it when she recalled that letter.

However, it is 10 now and I have to hit the sack, however I need to ensure the kids are all asleep. I could just go straight to bed, however if they are still up, they will definitely knock on the door.

However, I have now checked on them and its confirmed, they're all asleep.

Thank you and good night.

Be safe.



the kecik said...

I always starting or saying with 'tapi'

Jom pergi makan.


Mandikan saufi.



UmmiRosma said...

Yea...i agree...

I have to 'double' think of the effects of everything that we do or plan to do...nya org tani "beuri" but ada jua baiknya kan sometimes of having this kinda negativity...but of course not too much lah..

Gembo said...

Kecik Mama
Hahah, that is Aaeeshah's favourite word, 'tapi' & 'because' hahah

Ya tah kan, banyak kan diconsider, and yes, esp our elders they are very careful, sometimes too careful (scared?) to make a decision.