Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Uh oh..

Assalamualaikum everyone..

It's coming back again... the spiders are coming back to build their webs on my blog. Was about to blog about the gifts, and the work stress, and my impending move....

...but, by the time my wife and I reached home from work, solat Asar and Maghrib, we're left with just hanging out with the kids with whatever ounces of energy left, let alone to blog.

On my last blog, all of you (macam banyak saja hehehe) guessed right. My dear wife bought me a luscious red Kitchenaid mixer, and I got her an iPhone4.  It's obvious what she wanted me to do, right? Well, she felt so sorry to see me baked carrot cakes and cheese cakes and many more on a flimsy mixer, and she got me the granddaddy of mixers :-)

So far I've used the mixer to bake choc chips cookies and mixed cream for my scones. I will try to post blogs on my future bakings/cookings on this dusty *cough* blog of mine... InsyaAllah.

Till then, be safe always.

Mr G


KantaLensa said...

bro gembo, i think my blog has more spider webs than yours hahaha.

Gembo said...

Salam Kanta
no lah, but I know ur blog has lots more real spiders hahah... bila balik ke opis? or would u be at Lumut lagi?

KantaLensa said...

salam bro. with my new office in lumut completed i'll be in seria on a need basis saja.

UmmiRosma said...

Ok..just can't wait to see The Gembo's Kitchen Corner...(66,)