Thursday, 16 December 2010

Lloyd's of London

Assalamu 'Alaikum

Fortunately I am up early this morning, so need to clear of this spider webs :-)

Browsing through my iPhoto, I came across some pics from my recent honeymoon holiday to UK back in July. Can't remember whether I blogged about that holiday though.

Anyway, despite not a long trip, I somehow managed to squeeze half a day on courtesy calls to our insurance brokers, underwriters and also visit the Shell centre! My wife didn't mind much, as she got Westfield to keep her busy.

For those who know me personally, will know my career has always been in insurance and for those who know me professionally, I deal with insurance which has at some point, to be insured at this respectable institution.

The building below is Lloyd's building in London, a very fine piece of architecture housing the Lloyd's of London, an international insurance and reinsurance market with history stretching back to the late 1600's. Here the broker I was with asked me to pretend to be a broker and carry his slip file. Do I look the part?  Anyway, what is not shown here is the 'market' itself, the lower floors housed the 'boxes' which are manned by the underwriters, with brokers queueing to get these underwriters to participate in their clients' insurances.... I know, too much insurance lingo, but my insurance friends should be able to understand this... i hope.  Anyway, I couldn't show the pics here cos' there were no pics - camera's are banned boohoo.... but, nah just enjoy whatever I could snap below.

The photo below the Committee Room at the 11th floor, an 18th century dining-room designed for the 2nd Earl of Shelburne by Robert Adam in 1763; it was transferred piece-by-piece from the previous Lloyd's building... Yikes!

Now this is also an interesting office building in London, nicknamed the Gherkin, cos' it is shaped like one! This is the Swiss Re building. Unfortunately we do not have direct dealing with Swiss Re or anyone there so no reason for me to visit.

That's a quick short update & should keep the spiders away.

Till next time, be safe.



UmmiRosma said...

Nice architecture...mana Mrs G?

Gembo said...

Thanks. Mrs G shopping ler di Westfield :-)