Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Our 10 years anniversary gift to each other... Teaser

It has been more than 3 months since our 10th wedding anniversary but only recently that we got to give each other our anniversary gifts.

Can you guess what they are and who gets what :) ?

Oh, this isn't part of the anniversary gifts, but I got it just last weekend too :-)


the kecik said...

Mrs G got the Iphone 4 and you (Mr G) got the Kitchen Aid. Yeahh! Kan? Kan?

If am right, can I let the kecik play the soccer with Momat for one round? = D

Gembo said...

Hi kecik mom...
Not saying yet, i give 24 hours for everyone to answer :-)

Shopaholic Mama said...

Iphone for Mrs G and that thing to mix the flour and egg for baking cake (memang sah I am not domesticated so I dont know what you call it) for Mr G!

But didnt Mrs G get something else (nama sound very 'adiorable') and Mr G got an Ipad, in Europe?

Gembo said...

Yup, u both got it right.

Mrs G has always wanted an iPhone, almost bought her 3Gs until she heard the iP4 was almost out that she preferred to wait. We only have it in Brunei through the official shops in November :-)

I was torn between two things - a Tag Carrera watch (her hantaran for me was a Tag Kirium 10 yrs ago) or Kitchen Aid, and I settled for the latter, for the very obvious reasons ler

KecikMom - yep, Kecik can come play foosball with us, datang2 KB lah

KakAnn - Of course the aDiorable bag and iPad.... true, true... but that was more of buah tangan during travels heheh. Now am drooling on the MacBook Air... niceeeee... btw Kak, we call that thing a Mixer heheheh


UmmiRosma said...

I think I have missed the guessing game here..hahahaha...but telling you...i got the right guess too ^_^

Congrats Ky...for the iP4...
and to you Mr G...the mixer will certainly bring up the cooking spirit in your beautiful kitchen.

Another one...I have heard you can cook pasta very well, may be one day you can post up an entry about the pasta with the creamy white sauce...?