Saturday, 13 September 2008

BSRC Photography Talk @ 12.09.08

The BSRC Photography Talk was held on Friday afternoon, 12 Sept 08 at the Serikandi Restaurant in Kuala Belait. The response was very good, with about 24 attendees comprising of BSRC photography section members as well as KB Photographers attending the talk by Tuan Hj Mohd Yusof, President of Brunei Photography Association.

The talk covered the three important basics about photography i.e. ISO/ASA, Aperture and Shutter Speed. Despite the apparent different levels of photography competencies among the attendees, the experiences shared by the veteran photographer were invaluable as he explained the importance of Aperture and Shutter speed settings during the days when ASA/ISO speed cannot be easily changed as can be done today using the DSLR settings.

Hj Mohd Yusof is currently the Head of the Audio Visual section in the Government's Information Department, under the Prime Minister's Office. He have been into photography since the early 70's, from black and white and colour films SLR, to medium format, to photoslides, to point & shoot digital and now to proper DSLR.

We also learned that flash photography is strictly not allowed in certain Royal functions as well as certain sensitive sports (snooker, pool), so it is important to use high ISO settings to overcome the lack of flash - this is where I have to admit the Nikons are way ahead with 25,600 vs Canon's 6,400 (heard the 50D can do 12,800).

The talk was concluded with presentation of the token of appreciation to Tuan Haji Yusof from Mohd Husini Bakar, BSRC Photography Section captain , followed by Group photo shot by BSRC non-official group photographer, Ichinoseworld. It was followed immediately with Sungkai.

Sungkai at the Serikandi restaurant is very reasonable, with 7 food/drink stations at $9 per head. What's more, if you come in 6, the 6th person will have it for free!

members chatting whilst waiting for the arrival of guests

BSRC Captain with Brunei Photography Association President

Canon 40D vs Nikon D200

RESERVED aka Shaikh Khalid greeting the guests

Mohd Husini introducing Mr President

Mohd Husini with the Introduction

Ms Treasurer Bibi Azlina

ISO/ASA scribbles

Aperture . . . remember the f/stops

Shallow DOF (Depth of Field)... shot taken with f/5.6

Some of the attendees

. . . and more

This is how Oakley glasses started heheheh

Toolpusher head on the lens


Toolpusher taking notes

Serikandi Banner

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