Tuesday, 2 September 2008

Ice... Snowflakes... Snow... SnowWhite.... well, Puteh it is then

What are these? Those who kept track of Gembo Home blog will know that our house used to have 2 guard cats - Puteh and Musang, sadly Puteh has moved on few days after we moved in and has its eternal resting place in a quiet corner of our home.

Well, I (and I have to say the kids too) were surprised, when Mrs G tracked down a cat that looks like Puteh, which the caretaker called Princess... unfortunately it was not tame, so we have to turn down the offer...

The next day, my wife tracked down Princess' grandkittens... which the owner thought was too many to take care, so..... Mrs G got one for us, and we name it, finally Puteh (which means White in Malay).

Puteh is so adorable... playful... manja (how to say in English ah?) cuddly... well, whats words without pictures. I will upload the pics as soon as I have them.

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