Thursday, 18 September 2008

Princess Iman 'Aaliyah 5th Birthday Do'a Selamat

This is the second year running that Iman has to celebrate her birthday during the fasting month. In which case, only her uncles, aunties and cousins are invited - but still no short of presents and foods. Well, enjoy the pics below.

To Safarul - Happy 20th Birthday to you too & don't forget to bring back hadiah birthday for Iman ah :)

Pink strawberry ice cream cake, with her favorite Power Puff girl character . . .

. . . it is Princess Iman to you heheh

With babah, praying for blessed, healthy, happy & prosperous life

Amin . . . .

With Babah, Abang and cousins.
From left: Atul, Aida, Nelly, Princess, Babah, Izz & Momat

Blowing the 5 candles - with help from Babah & Abang Momat. . . . "Mama, lain kali Iman inda mau candle macam atu, k. Iman takut bah Ma" . the thing is, we found this sparkling candle and we thought she would love it.... we were wrong heheh as she was afraid of the sparkles

Cutting the cake with Babah.

With Abang and cousins enjoying the cake . . . wait, where is Asha????

. . . . oh there she is. She missed everything, the candle blowing, cutting & foooooood

Gift from Babah & Mama - PINK bicycle.

Kaka Nelly & Kaka Aida, all the way from Bandar Seri Begawan.

She got these, a casio keyboard from Wawa, bicycle from Babah & Mana, cash from Nene Bah.

Oh what's this from Nene Kampung (Mr G's parents) . . . 

Oh it's a huge pink bunny. Thanks Nene Kampung.

This is from Uncle Ajis (Mr G's eldest bro). . . wonder what it is??

Oh, a Princess bag. Thanks Uncle Ajis & Auntie Yatie.

And this is also from Uncle Ajis & Auntie Yatie - a musical keyboard.... thanks again. Iman is sooooooo happy!


moralle said...

Wow banyak nyer present, tentu she soooooooo very happy, pinky pinky lagi :)

Gembo said...

oh she is .... she sleeps with the pink bunny and .... bangun pagi dah ride her pink bike heheh

Shopaholic Mama said...

girls are girls, anything PINK, goes! even me, the Mama too, likes pink! And how come Mrs G is not in the pics......

Blushwax said...

ooooo....first time commenting here. Happy belated bday for your pink princess. saccharine sweet yo. Hadiah semua pun pink. Hehe.

Gembo said...

Mrs G:

- Shopper M: Enjoy being behind the camera more..he..he..

- Blushwax: Thanks! Btw, I blog-hopped to urs..looking forward for ur next update!

Gembo said...

Shopper Mama - Mrs G is camera shy heheh as she's been since I knew her in Form 3 (no, we only go steady 9 years later heheh)

Mr G